Chimps are Champs

Zoo Time asks children to pick their favourite animal

IN Granada’s Zoo Time recently young viewers were asked to name the animal they liked most and also the animal they liked least. Neck and neck for the place of honour were monkeys and chimpanzees, who are pictured here with the other favourites.

In the unpopularity poll the most disliked was the snake followed by the spider. The lion, eighth in the popularity poll, was also third in the unpopularity poll.

Then came the rat, crocodile, skunk, gorilla, hippopotamus, rhino and in the last place, the tiger.

It took me several weeks to check almost 50,000 votes from young viewers and also to choose the two most original suggestions for new features in future programmes.

Choice for the junior prize (the model zoo) was the entry sent in by eight-year-old Janice Ironmonger of Harrow-drive, Hornchurch, Essex. Janice — an accurate observer of animal behaviour—described strange goings on in the penguin pool and asked to see this item again.

The senior prizewinner (who wins zoo books) is 14 year old Carol Hill of Bridge-road, Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent. Carol would like to see a feature on prehistoric animals and of animals of the future.

Finally. I would like to thank all the boys and girls who sent in their suggestions, many of which will find their way into new animal programmes.

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