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Granada’s new play series Six Shades of Black

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From the TVTimes for week commencing 24 April 1965

A SERIES of six one-hour plays, each with savage undertones and a bitter twist in its sardonic tale, starts on Friday under the over-all title Six Shades of Black.

The plays are based on an intriguing new drama technique exploited by author-producer Peter Wildeblood. The hero of one play will be the villain of the next.

You will see the character’s good and bad sides and be able to draw your own conclusions on which is the dominant side of their personality.

The first play, “The Good Woman of Chester Square,” at 9.40 on Friday, shows social reform worker Lady Masterman (played by Pamela Brown), being toppled from her public pedestal.

Lady Masterman, a parliamentary beauty, is celebrated for her humanitarian principles. A leading Queen’s Counsel, she refused to become a judge because of her opposition to capital punishment.

But young reporter B. J. Skipwith (played by Barry Warren), thinks her reputation is too good to be true.

You’ll have to wait until next week to see Wildeblood’s new drama technique at work. Then it will be the reporter’s turn to face moral disapproval.

In Friday’s play, Thorley Walters plays Lionel Sparrow, an ex-prisoner looking for a job, and Fredric Abbott plays Swithin, Lady Masterman’s chauffeur, who holds the key to this week’s intrigue.

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