It’s ‘The Organisation’ that does it

At least where whimsical weirdness is concerned!

TVTimes masthead
From the TVTimes for week commencing 28 July 1957

WITH his incredible exposé of the activities of “The Organisation” in Granada’s new People and Places, Peter Jones is at last beginning to shake the complacency of the Great British Public.

His tingling allegations about the ramifications of this octopus-like movement are intended to shock viewers into believing that there really is some guiding force behind the seemingly-inexplicable misfortunes of daily life. And he is succeeding.

Already people are starting to wonder whether it is possible that such an “Organisation” actually exists. I know that was the question I asked myself after the first edition of People and Places, only to dismiss the whole affair as just a figment of Jones’ brilliant imagination.

But now I’m not so sure… I began to have my doubts when I heard from Jones and fellow-investigator, Peter Moore, how they discovered the insidious way “The Organisation” operated.

Said Jones: “It began two years ago when we were thinking of doing a radio serial about a man who was trying to get a telephone for his house and who at every turn faced with some obstruction.”

“We felt,” added Moore, “that this was organised obstruction. That all the difficulties were there by design, not accident.”

“Since then we have carried out detailed research,” continued Jones. “There have been hazards, of course, but they have been bravely faced. We have suffered like martyrs to a cause. But we have secured evidence to show that “The Organisation” does exist, and that its aim is to make life intolerable for those who are not members of it.”

He opened his safe and let me see some examples of the more everyday activities of “The Organisation” which have already been shown to viewers. The banana skin that had been placed where someone was bound to step. The fish knife with the hollow decoration in which bits of food could lodge and cause poisoning. The tomato sauce bottle in which a lump of sauce had been wedged so that an attempt to coax it out flooded the plate.

The two Peters were making it sound horribly real. I tried to argue with myself that it was all too far-fetched, that they had conjured up a mythical “Organisation” because it was a paying proposition… until I found the cheques they are getting from Granada for telling viewers about it are being ploughed back to finance further investigation.

Peter Jones may have made a name as a comic, but I found that in this crusade he is deadly serious.

Some of the examples of “The Organisation’s” work he takes from his files may appear amusing. But, as he grimly pointed out, they were far from funny to their victims.

Already they have secured a mass of evidence. They have films, tape recordings, affidavits. Many witnesses have been interviewed. Some are being persuaded to appear on the programme.

But their main catch is a deviationist who has seen the light. Said Peter Jones: “We cannot divulge his name, not only for his own sake but for that of his wife and family, who are still in “The Organisation.”

They have pieced together some of the history of “The Organisation.” From revelations associated with the Mopungo Fragment, they have evidence that it was operating as long ago as 4,000 B.C. And they have frightening news of the way it has been building up its membership, particularly since the war.

“Watch your neighbour closely,” said Peter Moore. “It is quite likely he is in ‘The Organisation’.”

“Be warned if one of your family tries to switch off this programme,” said Peter Jones. “He is obviously trying to suppress evidence.”

As may be expected, these disclosures are worrying “The Organisation” and strenuous efforts are being made to plug the leak. There have been several attempts to stop the programme going on the air.

Said Peter Jones: “When we were engaged to come to Manchester for People and Places we were put on the wrong sleeper-train and woke in the morning in a siding at Rugby.”

This, and later occurrences they told me about, were in themselves convincing proof of “The Organisation’s” existence.

But any remaining doubts I might have had vanished as a result of things that happened while I was interviewing the two Peters.

On three occasions my photographer’s negatives were spoiled because the flash mechanism refused to operate, although it had worked without a hitch when he tested it. Then my pen ran dry.

Finally, after the photographer had managed to take the pictures on this page, he found the viewfinder of his new camera had mysteriously shattered.

And even now, back in the office and typing this story, I have horrible suspicions that I am being watched and that evertsya ghrбspo wijiity woooots.

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