Halifax man’s post with commercial TV network

Norman Somers is appointed chief announcer


Halifax Courier masthead
From the Halifax Daily Courier for 2 May 1956
Norman Somers
Mr. Norman Somers

Mr Norman Somers, of 3, Craven Place, Hopwood Lane, Halifax, has been appointed senior staff announcer of the Granada TV network, which opens in the North to-morrow, and is based on Manchester.

The network provides the Monday to Friday programmes for Northern commercial TV and Mr. Somers’s will be the first voice heard when the station opens.

Mr. Somers, a London man, has lived in Halifax since 1939 and has been prominently associated with Halifax Thespians as actor and producer. He played a big part in the establishment of the Playhouse, as chairman of the reconstruction committee. He has taken part in 750 broadcasts for the B.B.C. in plays and variety, including “Have a Go.” “Club Night” and “Over the Garden Wall ”

His duties for the Granada network will include outside broadcasts, commentating and interviewing. He will, however, continue to do sound broadcasting for the B.B.C.

2 thoughts on “Halifax man’s post with commercial TV network

    1. This is standard for local newspapers of the time. Famous people and even children had their names, ages and full address published well into the 1960s. A more innocent time!

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