Meet the new Mike Sarne

The host of Junior Criss Cross Quiz and his other job

TVTimes masthead
From the TVTimes for week commencing 13 February 1965

PRESENTING a new face of Mike Sarne. Smeared with shaving lather as he is here, is not exactly the face mean.

I’m talking about Sarne the photographer. There is little difference between the new Sarne and Sarne the actor, author, journalist, quizmaster, pop singer, poetry enthusiast, and former student at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

Except, perhaps, that here he is a little more curious. Look at our pictures again. These were taken, believe it or not, by our specially commissioned photographer, Mike Sarne.

The portrait of the artist as a young man with a camera strung round his neck was accomplished by the grace of what is known in dark-room vernacular as a “mirror.”

The picture of Mike “through the looking glass” was a little more difficult. No mirror was used, but it required a delayed-action exposure, and a deft fleetness of foot to get round the other side of the lens and into position before the thing went off.

He is certainly a keen cameraman — with an eye for the colourful as well as the unusual. Mike helps control a fashion photography studio in Chiswick.

Apart from regularly compering Junior Criss Cross Quiz on Thursdays, he has recently finished making a film. “Everyday’s a Holiday” — which is now on release.

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