ITV 1966

Granada’s entry in the 1966 Independent Television Authority yearbook


North (Mondays to Fridays)

The TV Centre
The TV Centre

Granada TV Centre, Manchester 3
Deansgate 7211

The Headrow, Leeds 1
Leeds 33231

36 Golden Square, London W1
Regent 8080

St Martin’s House, Bullring, Birmingham 5
Midland 4129

Granada Television is the company which, under agreement with the Independent Television Authority, provides the television programmes in the North of England from Monday to Friday.

Directors: Sidney L. Bernstein*, LL.D. (Chairman); Cecil G. Bernstein* (Jt. Managing Director), J. Denis Forman* (Jt. Managing Director), Victor A. Peers*; Joseph Warton*; Peter S. P. Brook C.B.E.
* Executive Directors

Officers: Alex Anson (Sales and Advertising); Sir Gerald Barry (Education and the Arts); Fred Bond (GeneraI Manager, Manchester); W. Dickson (Chief Accountant); R. H. Hammans (Director of Engineering).

Programme Committee: The Executive Directors and Julian Amyes, Kenneth Brierley, Derek Granger, Barrie Heads, Tim Hewat, Philip Mackie, David Plowright.

Art and Science: Granada has endowed a Television Research Fellowship at Leeds University, a Chair of Drama at Manchester University, a Chair of Communication at Keele University, an Annual Arts Fellowship at the University of York, and a Fellowship in Fine Art at the Manchester College of Art and Design. Granada has also made grants to repertory theatres in the North, to the Manchester City and Walker Art Galleries, to the Leeds Musical Festival and to the Nuffield Foundation Centre for Educational Television Overseas. Granada has established a peripatetic Lectureship in Popular Communication. Four lectures are given annually in Northern Universities. The first lecturer (1965) was Peter Brook, C.B.E.

The Granada Guildhall Lectures: Each year Granada, with the British Association the Advancement of Science, arranges a series of three lectures on the subject of ‘Communication in the Modern World’, with international speakers lecturing in Guildhall, London. Television versions of the lectures are transmitted. The lectures are now in their eighth year.

Overseas: Granada has interests in television stations in Canada and Nigeria.

Programme Journal: TV Times publishes a separate edition for the North of England giving details of the available programmes.

Studios: the tv centre, manchester 3. Deansgate 7211. Granada’s five-acre site is an important feature of Manchester’s city development, on the City Centre ring road, near the new Courts of Justice and government offices. In 1956, when Phase I of the TV Centre was completed, it was the first building in Britain originally designed for television. There are four studios, floor-space totalling 16,000 sq. ft, five rehearsal rooms, and facilities for building scenery.

Outside Broadcasts: Granada’s Travelling Eye outside broadcast vehicles include three mobile control rooms and two mobile Ampex videotape recording units.

Videotape Recordings: Granada has ten Ampex videotape machines at the TV Centre and in its mobile videotape recording vehicle.

Technical Developments: Interview studios have been built at Leeds and at Golden Square, London, to provide news and continuity suites for Granada in the North. These are remotely controlled from Manchester.

Programmes: news and news magazines: Granada in the North – a duty producer goes on the air throughout the day with an information service of news from ‘hot’ studios in Manchester and London. Scene at 6.30 – a daily service of news and topical features. current affairs, documentaries: The World Tonight. World in Action. What the Papers Say. AH Our Yesterdays. Daily coverage of political party conferences in 1965. Cinema. Inside – series on the British penal system. Deckie Learner – life on a deep-sea trawler. natural history: Another World. education: Afternoon Edition. Art in the Making. The Art of Music. Context (Art). Discovery (Science). The Groundwork of History. The Land and the People. Machines for a New Age (Computers). Management in Action. The Railway Age. children: Junior Criss Cross Quiz. The Headliners. A to Zoo. Zoo Time. plays and drama series: The Way of All Flesh, adapted from Samuel Butler’s novel by Giles Cooper. Galsworthy’s Strife. The Edwardians, four plays written and first staged at the beginning of the century. Coronation Street – 6th year. Friday Night – first plays by Northern writers. It’s Dark Outside – a weekly drama series. Blood and Thunder – ‘The Changeling’ and ‘Women Beware Women’, two Jacobean tragedies. Six Shades of Black – self-contained but linked series. The Man in Room 17 – cerebral security men in a weekly series. Edward Albee’s The Death of Bessie Smith and The American Dream. Lawrence – ten of D. H. Lawrence’s stories dramatized for television. entertainment: A Little Big Business. Pardon the Expression. Woody Allen. Play Bach, with Jacques Loussier. quizzes: University Challenge. Criss Cross Quiz. action stills: Camera in Action, a new technique which animates still photos and drawings – ‘The Uprooted’, ‘A Prospect of Whitby’, ‘The War of the Brothers’, ‘Photographers and Models’.

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