ITV 1967

Granada’s entry in the 1967 Independent Television Authority yearbook

Granada Television

The TV Centre
The TV Centre

North (Mondays to Fridays)

Granada Television is the company which, under agreement with the Independent Television Authority, provides the television programmes in the North of England from Monday to Friday.

Granada TV Centre, Manchester 3
Deansgate 7211
The Headrow, Leeds 1
Leeds 33231
St Martin’s House, Bull Ring, Birmingham 5
Midland 4129
36 Golden Square, London W1
Regent 8080


Directors: Sidney L. Bernstein, LL.D. (Chairman); Cecil G. Bernstein (Jt. Managing Director); J. Denis Forman (Jt. Managing Director); Victor A. Peers, C.B.E.; Joseph Warton; Julian Amyes.

Officers: Peter M. Rennie (Sales Director); Sir Gerald Barry (Education and the Arts); Fred Bond (General Manager, Manchester); W. Dickson (Chief Accountant); R. H. Hammans (Director of Engineering).

Programme Committee: The Directors and Kenneth Brierley, Derek Granger, Barrie Heads, Tim Hewat, Philip Mackie, David Plowright.

Studios: the tv centre, manchester 3. Deansgate 7211. Granada’s five-acre TV Centre is a feature of Manchester’s new city development. It stands on the projected Liverpool-Leeds city-centre ring road, near the new Crown Courts and government offices. When the TV Centre went on the air in May 1956, it was the first building in Britain designed specifically for television. A major £2,000,000 technical redevelopment scheme is under way. The entire Centre is being redesigned and re-equipped to make it the most modern and most efficient television production plant. It will give Granada three drama studios and three current-affairs studios, eight new control suites, telecine and videotape areas, new central apparatus room and central control room, and a custom-built switching system. Granada also has remote-control studios in Leeds and London, worked from the Manchester TV Centre. A new 18,000 sq. ft scenery construction block will be finished in 1967.

Overseas: Granada has interests in television stations in Canada and Nigeria.

Programme Journal: TV Times publishes a separate edition for the North of England giving details of the available programmes.

Programmes: news and news magazines: Scene, daily service of news and news features for viewers in Granadaland. Link-up with remote-control studios in Leeds and London. Granada in the North, an information service of international, national and regional news from a duty producer-performer working from a ‘hot’ studio in the TV Centre. current affairs: The World Tomorrow, weekly report on how the trends of today will affect life tomorrow. This England, individual reports on film or videotape on aspects of life in Britain today. State of the Nation, progress reports on Britain’s economy, at regular intervals. What the Papers Say, Granada’s longest-running weekly programme, reviews how the newspapers have covered the week’s news. All Our Yesterdays, how the newsreels of twenty-five years ago told the story of their times. Cinema, films, the stars in them and the men behind their making. Coverage of the 1966 Trades Union Congress and Conservative Party Conference, at Blackpool. education: Discovery, science for sixthformers, in its twenty-third term in January 1967. Afternoon Edition – The Stormy Years: current affairs for 14-year-olds. The Land and the People, the story of Britain for secondary modern schools. Machines for a New Age, the story of the computer, for sixth-formers. Understanding, sex, marriage, family life and friendship for 15-16-year-olds. The Biggest Buy, a guide to young marrieds on house-buying. children: Zoo Time, now in its eleventh year. Junior Criss Cross Quiz. games: University Challenge; Criss Cross Quiz. plays and drama series: Four Plays of Married Life and three plays of action; new plays specially written for television. Dear Liar, dramatisation of the correspondence between Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell. The Man in Room 17, a weekly series about two singular detectives. You Can’t Win, seven plays based on two novels by William Cooper. The Corridor People, four-part thriller series by Eddie Boyd. Coronation Street, in its seventh year. light entertainment: Pardon the Expression and Turn Out the Lights, comedy series. The Music of Lennon and McCartney, the Beatles as composers. Big showbusiness names sang and played music by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Art and Science: Granada has this year made an arrangement with the Amadeus Quartet whereby this world famous ensemble will take up residence in the University of York for a number of weeks in each academic year. In addition, Granada has endowed a Television Research Fellowship at Leeds University, a Chair of Drama at Manchester University, an Annual Arts Fellowship at the University of York, and a Fellowship in Fine Art at the Manchester College of Art and Design. Granada has also made grants to repertory theatres in the North, to the Manchester City and Walker Art Galleries, to the Leeds Musical Festival and to the Nuffield Foundation Centre for Educational Television Overseas. Granada has established a peripatetic Lectureship in Popular Communication. Lectures arc given annually in a number of Northern Universities. In 1966 the lecturer was Mr Cecil King, Chairman of the International Publishing Corporation, on the Future of the Press.

Granada Guildhall Lectures: Each year Granada (with the British Association) arranges a series of three lectures on ‘Communication in the Modern World’ with international speakers lecturing in the Guildhall, London. The lectures are now in their ninth year.

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