Ena Sharples and Albert Tatlock

TVTimes masthead
From the TVTimes for week commencing 9 January 1965

A MILLION friends and neighbours make life bearable for each other every week in countless Coronation Streets up and down Britain.

And that’s the case in ITV’s famous Coronation Street, where two of the oldest neighbours and longest residents there are the beady-eyed Ena Sharpies and do-good pensioner Albert Tatlock.

Just how long they have lived in the district is uncertain except to say that Albert can tell you a tale or two about Ena’s schooldays.

Could. Would is a different matter, for even Albert has been around long enough to know that if he starts spoutin’ about Ena’s early life, he’ll feel the sting of that famous whiplash tongue of hers.

But though they are temperaments apart, they are still friends and neighbours.

Away from the Street, they are, of course, Violet Carson and Jack Howarth.

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